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The Sex Obsessed Generation - My YALIServes Experience

Hello there!

I can only hope you all missed my posts as much as I missed sharing my thoughts with you. The thing is my system had issues and is in intensive care, not sure she's going to make it (*sobs), then tests rolled in and then I got held up by laziness to type on my phone and share with you (as I did my last post) and then my phone got faulty (she's back though, and man, am I excited?)

For those interested in the world around them, you will know that July 18 is celebrated as Nelson Mandela's day. Who's Nelson Mandela? Well, he's a great South African icon who stood up for what he believed in. I'm sure google, Bing and other search engines will indulge you in details if you are interested.

So back to my YALI experience: YALI means Young African Leaders Initiative; an online community where young African Leaders meet to share ideas, rob minds and improve the world. You can also take courses for free, at will. My explanation does no justice to what goes on…
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Struggles of a Shopaholic

The tingling sensation in my feet is not from walking too much
The sensation I feel on my wrist is not from typing too hard
That fragrance is not sweat mixed with cologne.

I can feel her kissing my fingers as she makes her way up to my neck, heeding my need, answering my every call. Hands brushed my hair backwards as she struggled to make her impact felt at my nape and temple, welling up feelings and emotions I hadn’t known I had. Others had welled up such emotions but this was different than the last and I’m sure less intriguing than the next. Lifting my hands up to my chest just to feel if this is actually real, trying to wake from this ‘dream’, hands trying to contain my welled up emotions like they could, brushed my hair back, straightening it out to frame my face. She might have a light feel, but I sure can feel her in my pockets: my necklace.

I am sick and my feet tingles. They are not tired from walking too much or from staying too long on my feet. I looked at them and smile, t…


As humans, one of the hardest things we have to do is keep in touch with each other. Meeting people is as easy as batting the eyes, you do not even have to try, keeping in touch? That’s another level entirely.

We need people and always will. From needing a referee to stand in for you on your job application to the waiter who comes to take your order, need is need. The latter might change soon though as the world is becoming more computerized, but even then, someone has to do the programming.

I dislike giving my number out to people, not because I am antisocial but I do not just want to feel any obligation more than I need to. I find it hard to save people’s number, even my roommates. Why you might ask? Saying “I am so sorry I haven’t been in touch, I did not have your number”; comes with a certain level of confidence than saying nothing. And nothing speaks volume.

I have a habit of checking up on all my contacts by messaging them (most times), or calling. (If you are sure you are o…


I haven't got the coolest dad.
He is not the sweetest but He sure cooks sweet meals. He is not the greatest; He can barely even afford to fund my needs not to mention my wants. I am not a hype man so I would not hype him, even today, being father's day.

My dad is not the worlds' coolest dad, He shouts a lot,
My dad is not the worlds' coolest dad, He argues too much,
My dad is not the worlds' coolest dad, He gets angry easily,
My dad is not the worlds' coolest dad, He often jumps into conclusions;
My dad is not the worlds' coolest dad, He does too many un-cool things.

He coughs without using the handkerchief, He would rather use His old worn out towel to the new ones,He prefers 'pako' (chewing stick) to toothbrush, He'd rather go out without his car sometimes just so he wouldn't have to give the neighbours a lift, He laughs too hard (like me), He has lousy dancing steps, He cracks 'jokes' that ain't funny, He shouts even when he…

Children's Day

I don’t care what age I am; I will always be a child!

On children’s day I tried to have some fun, nothing much came from that department though. Phew! So sad.

I remember those days, when I could do things with no regard for consequences, talk and go unpunished, ask my parents for money and they reply me with, “I have plenty money now.” It’s crazy because I understand that statement now, maybe too well. The Yoruba custom does not permit you to speak ‘negatives’, so when you do not have money you reply with; “Owo po lowo mi bayi”- which means “I have plenty money now” (or signifies how 'rich' a person is.) I believed that statement literally and my ignorant self will say, “If you are so rich, why not give me the money?”, or “Why not buy me this?” Thank God for patience on my parents part because I usually caused such a fuss; my sister too.

Summer vacations were usually the longest ‘years’ of our lives(or maybe just mine). I particularly hated the thought of it after the first w…

Wednesday The 7th

Lemme tell you about my day (scratch that); Let me tell you about my day. I woke up on the lazy side of the bed today, not just any kind of lazy but the extremely lazy one: I had no will to do anything.

Wednesday happen to be my “busy” day this semester and I think for that I hate Wednesdays. My Wednesday class starts 9:00am and as at 8:57am I was still in my room, trying to blend my lipstick; being fully aware that I will not be able to enter the class once the lecturers is in. By some miracle, I got to the class right before he did. The class was nothing to write home about as I had my note with someone who wasn’t offering the course and I was not in the mood at the time (or was I going to be later) for transferring notes. The course is a boring one. After the class I was ‘booked’ for another by 10:00am but the lecturer shifted it to 2:00pm and it was clashing with another of my course, I was soon to decide which to though.

So, I called my classmate and friend to follow me to the s…


When I was little, my sister and I would scan through the pages of newspaper and magazines looking for ‘beautiful white girls’; the longer their hair and the whiter the girl the better. We had nothing against black girls, we just had a greater tilt towards white ones. We were preferential even in choosing white girls though; it was just the two of us, and so the picture of which ever girls were ‘lucky’ to be us had to be the picture of a duo. Oh mine! How we played around.

As we grew older and mom and dad baked another cake in the oven, (lucky us; another girl), the competition rose. We just could not resist initiating our little sister to some of our ‘fun ways' (even though she was but a tiny weeny,and all she does was make cute little coos so often, so many times, you will want to gobble her up). Now we were a trio, so girls that were us in pictures came in threes. We would pull at each other’s clothes, hair; whatever was in reach, and scream while pointing at individuals in th…