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My realism as the 21st Century Youth

I don’t know if I should be happy or sad. I am in shackles and I am stuck. The worse is that there is nothing I can do about it. When there is a problem, being aware of the problem brings smile; knowing how to solve the problem brings joy. My problem; I am a 21st century lady and there is nothing I can do about it.

My reality as a 21st century youth: Gays exist, Lesbians are real, Transgenderism is no fable; people are defying the norm, we are still yet to reach gender equality etc. I can’t preach love and pretend these things are not.

I currently do not have a boyfriend (and have never had one), and people have been giving me looks and asking me questions, all these have never bothered me until someone I hold in high esteem asked me recently the much dreaded question; “Are you a lesbian?” I was shocked. I was spooked. I have taken these from everyone. Why you? I have been asked varieties of question. Me oh my! Someone even went as far as asking “How do you ‘service’ yourself?” Let …
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Are you a dreamer?

If the answer to the above is yes, do you like having dreams?

Another yes? Okay!

Have you ever had a dream inside a dream? I sure have. For those that do not understand, having a dream inside a dream is literally how it sounds. It means having a dream and then inside that dream, you doze off or actually sleep or however it happens and then have another dream: A dream within a dream. Now the problem with this is that it’s usually impossible to wake from the latter dream and continue the former, and more often than not, you forget the former.

That’s exactly what happens in our world today. Most people are jack of all trades master of none. They can’t say focused; they can't stand being focused. I know staying focused is hard, if it wasn’t people wouldn't have to work so hard at something (any thing) for so long; consistently pushing and striving, to get the desired result. Some work for a month and it feels like 10 months while some work for a year and it fee…


What's the most painful thing about death? What exactly eats people up and make us cry when we lose a loved one? Why do we even cry when people die? Why wish it was you death took instead of that loved one? Do you know?

You see; the most painful thing will not leave with the flowers brought or the condolences shared or the buildings erected in memorial of the person, neither can the most painful thing about death be shown in solitude or in tears; as it is beyond the two, they wouldn't even budge with the decision to stop worshipping God or stop praying or even "stop living".


Some might say they got to say goodbyes, but yet they still hurt. This is because adequate goodbyes take time and time is never enough. Now get this right; Goodbyes is not going to stop you from hurting or grieving but it will definitely stop you from wishing you had done some things with the dead, your only regret will be …


Everyone knew but me.

It should have been obvious in their silent whispers and distant eyes, but I was too naive; too ignorant and probably too young.

In this age, being young is not an excuse, but things are not the same now as they were then. Even a five year old understands now what I was ignorant about when I was ten and that is only seven years ago.

Where is Emmanuel? I asked mama.

You see, Emmanuel was my younger brother and I was so jealous of him.
Being eight years of age when he arrived, you can only try to understand what his birth meant to me when he was born. I had gotten so used to being an only child I felt little or no joy when the “bundle of joy” came.

Mama had been really happy when she found out she was pregnant and Papa pampered her a lot. There had been laughter and fun radiating the house I call home; at least that much I can remember. I once heard her tell our neighbor, Mama Esther that at last she will no longer be tagged barren. I could remember I had been shoc…


She looked familiar I saw
She thought the same I noticed
Like the awakening of Lazarus from the dead,
Recognition flickered across our countenances as we both remembered at once
Two stars across the cosmos were we; which together once told a story
I smiled, she waved
Funny how someone you knew like the back of your hand could become someone you don’t know at all
We were once FRIENDS
Five and six were we before time and chance happened to us both.

I can’t live without you,
You are my missing rib,
The air that I breathe,
I will never leave you: those were the promises of a lifetime to come
He was the tea, I was the sugar
I was his bread, he was my butter
We were once LOVERS
Life happened to us both and here I am; still living!

In sickness and in health, for better, for worse,
In riches and in poverty, for times and times again, till death do us part; were our vows.
It wasn’t death who did the parting; it was the fights, the shouts, the cries an…